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Professional Reviews

If in every heart sings a song of truth then this book plays the melody. 

Often truth and fiction are simply defined by a state of mind, reality becomes fuzzy at the boundaries of our imagination and occasionally truth and fiction merge in our head and our heart. Readers of this book will recognize the power struggle and corruption we see in our everyday world but one may wonder why so much of what else covers these pages as fiction makes sense on some deeper level.

Author Carlisle Bergquist has woven a wonderful tapestry of hope into the universal threads of our common caring. Among the pages we can discover good sense and deep wisdom; many will feel they can identify with this for it sits well in the heart and conscience. Can we each make a difference to the fate of this planet and Gaia herself? The answer is a resounding yes; and this book may stir you into action; even in a small and personal way. Many small candles may shine a bright light in a darkened room, it depends if you would like to be one of them.

Fiction it may be...but if in every heart sings a song of truth then
this book plays the melody.

A worth while read for any one who can read...and those prepared to just listen.

Barbara Venn-Lever

My Spirit Radio

“A fascinating read that takes a leap outside the ordinary, and guides you on a mystical journey that effortlessly stretches one's mind, and shows that life is in fact far from the ordinary. Like the perfect fairy tale, The Coyote Oak is cool drink from a tall glass of creativity, and is a refreshing read where fantasy lightly taps you on the shoulder as a reminder that we are all connected, and that every action prompts a reaction. Best of all, it leads you to a little corner of paradise where one can simply marvel at the magnificent creation of life again – ‘cause it’s a biggie! Read this book, and it will make you glow with excitement, recharge your energy, and will help you make wiser choices in life.”

Lisa D. Smith, Southwest Blend Magazine.

This well-written tale describes a fantastic adventure by outrageous characters. But its roots reflect a knowledge of Native American wisdom and contemporary parapsychology as well as Taoist philosophy, shamanism, African-Brazilian spiritualism, quantum physics, and lucid dreaming. And all of that can be found in the first few chapters! From that point on, THE COYOTÉ OAK becomes even more engaging leading to an ending that is totally unexpected. Carlisle Bergquist is a new voice in the genre of fantastic realism, and voice that we may expect to hear from in future years as his immense talents bear even more delicious fruit.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.


Albert Einstein declared that "imagination is more important than knowledge." Songwriter, performer, transpersonal therapist, and now author Carlisle Bergquist has proven that you can combine both into an unforgettable flight of fantasy novel that has down-to-earth wisdom in it worthy of a Nobel Prize.

'The Coyoté Oak' will appeal to the seasoned readers of Brad Steiger, Richard Bach, James Redfield, and Dan Millman.  This is the story of our walk between the multi-dimensional worlds of reality where myth collides with meaning within the forever turning and tumbling kaleidoscope of life experience.

John Jay Harper, Ph.D.

author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

I have for several years now been an appreciative observer of Carlisle Bergquist’s multifaceted creative and therapeutic work.  In a world too often constrained by narrow vision, Bergquist slams the peddle to the medal, hits the road full speed, and spangles the sky with the many stories of which we are composed and by which we continue the community narrative full of fun and hope.  Welcome to The Coyoté Oak, you’ll like it here.    Climb aboard for higher consciousness.

Jay Bremyer

author of The Dance of Created Lights, A Sufi Tale and The Chymical Cook, A True Account of Mystical Initiation in the Georgia Woods

The Coyoté Oak:  Burgeoning Wisdom lives up to its name.  Like the trickster Coyoté, this fanciful read informs with unpredictable authority.  The visionary story weaves deep ecology, shamanism, quantum physics, Native American spirituality, Taoism, mysticism, and even Christianity into an engaging healing adventure.  No small accomplishment as its wisdom rings loud and exquisitely clear.  The author’s vivid descriptions engulf the senses; you can almost taste the pancakes, smell the moss, see the sunsets and you will certainly fall in love with the characters.  Expect to be drawn in deep, transformed and left howling for more.
Share Guide - San Francisco, CA

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Customer Reviews on

Mystical Journey, July 28, 2007
By  P. Bondy "mscvsn" (Wichita, KS) 

All I can say is that "The Coyoté Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom" far exceeded my expectations. I say this because when I'm not reading books about computer programming, I am reading nonfiction subjects such as scientific, new age/spiritual. Some of my favorite titles are "The Holographic Universe", "A Brief History of Time" and "The Law of Attraction".

I bought the book with preconceived notions about what it would be like. I was expecting fantasy and experienced a journey in fantastic realism.

What I found when I started reading it, was that the author has a similar ability to paint pictures with his words. There was plenty of adventure right from the get-go. Overall, the book was gripping from beginning to end, with a brilliant conclusion. To my pleasant surprise, however, I also found that the book was full of spiritual insights and mystical journeys.

I have always believed in the concept of interconnectedness of all forms of life and nature (ecosophy, or deep ecology). I felt that this book did a good job of exploring this subject.

In addition to a solid understanding of spiritual growth and shamanism, the author has a unique flair for fantasy and the dramatic. He has crafted a fantastic read from start to finish.


The Coyoté Oak is grounded and soaring , July 30, 2007
By  Diane G. Luboff (in jolly olde England right now)

I'm a control freak. I read with great care, eyes to details, endlessly pondering overlapping nuance. It's hard to kidnap a control freak, but Carlisle's storytelling did just that - and I loved every single "what's NEXT???" page I let myself become enveloped in. This is a grand book, a wonderfully woven tale, a romp. The spiritual precepts are neither hokey nor dully predictable but ring to aeons of truth. And that feather.... oh that feather! Yep; three thumbs up and I have only two hands last time I checked....

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